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Control Software Developer for Robotic Exoskeletons


We are seeking an experienced control software developer to be part of the IHMC Mina exoskeleton team. The applicant must have a track record of writing control software for real robot hardware and must be skilled at debugging, testing, and maintaining robot hardware. Applicant must be an expert in object oriented software development. Applicants must have good communication and documentation skills, and thrive in both a team and individual environment.

Develop control algorithms and user interfaces for controlling the IHMC Mina exoskeleton. Write software for testing and diagnosing exoskeleton hardware. Work with exoskeleton pilots to determine user needs and improved interfaces. This is a full time position. Information about the Mina project can be found at www.ihmc.us\mina.


  • Minimum of Bachelor¿s (Master¿s is preferred) degree in mechanical, electrical, or computer science engineering.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience writing software for controlling robots.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in object oriented programming. Java is preferable, though strong experience in a similar language such as C++ or C# can suffice.
  • Knowledge of linear and nonlinear control theory, robot kinematics, dynamics, control concepts, and mechatronics.
  • Experience working with, trouble shooting, and fixing mechatronic hardware, including, motors, amplifiers, encoders, force sensors, and embedded computers.

    • To Apply: Email the following to Visit robotjobs@ihmc.us with the subject line ExoSoftware2012:

      1. Resume
      2. Description of at least one robotic system you have written software for. Include a link to a web page or YouTube video showing your robot.
      3. Email address of two references.
      4. One or two academic papers or thesis that you have authored.
      5. Snippet of sample code you have written.
        1. Practice Description

          Applicants who do not follow the application instructions at http://ihmc.us/superstar/ will not be considered. Updates to this announcement may appear at Visit www.ihmc.us/robotjobs

          Application Deadline: Open until filled

          IHMC is an EEO/AA Employer

          Client Description

          IHMC is a not-for-profit research institute of the Florida University System and is affiliated with several Florida universities.

          Researchers at IHMC pioneer technologies aimed at leveraging and extending human capabilities. Our human-centered approach often results in systems that can be regarded as cognitive or perceptual prostheses, much as eyeglasses are a sort of ocular prosthesis. These systems fit the human and machine components together in ways that exploit their respective strengths and mitigate their respective weaknesses. The design and fit of computational prostheses require a broader interdisciplinary range than is typically found in one organization, thus IHMC staff includes computer scientists, cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians, philosophers, engineers and social scientists of various stripes, as well as some people who resist all attempts to classify them.

          Current active research areas include: knowledge modeling and sharing, adjustable autonomy, robotics, advanced interfaces and displays, communication and collaboration, computer-mediated learning systems, intelligent data understanding, software agents, expertise studies, work practice simulation, knowledge representation, and other related areas.

          IHMC faculty and staff collaborate extensively with industry and government to develop science and technology that can be enabling with respect to society's broader goals. IHMC researchers receive funding from a wide range of government and private sources. IHMC research partners have included: DARPA, NSF, NASA, Army, Navy, Air Force, NIH, IARPA, DOT, IDEO, Raytheon, IBM, Microsoft, Rockwell Collins, Boeing, Lockheed, and SAIC, among others.

          Location Description

          Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), Pensacola, FL

Opportunity Details

  • We've Got Room For More Ideas - Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition