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About KIJobGrowth

KiJobGrowth is a division of KontactIntelligence. We provide state of the art software applications for economic development organizations (EDOs) implementation, web marketing, talent recruiting, operations support and other professional support services.

Our EDO software suite is designed to assist with the challenges of properly identifying and supporting the business needs of companies in their efforts to grow and succeed in today’s competitive environment.

This KiJobGrowth technology solution is built on our successful Ki platform addresses the specific needs of the economic development industry from two strategic directions:

  • KiJobGrowth is a relationship; business intelligence management and economic development software application for organizations that help business grow and succeed.

  • KiCompanyVault (KiCV) is an on line self-service company profile for existing businesses

Economic development professionals using KiJobGrowth will organize, monitor and manage all their client development projects with one easy to use web based application providing the EDO a centralized, paperless, business intelligence, membership, project, and grant management database system.

Both KiCV and KiJobGrowth can be used on any device with an internet browser, including desktop, tablet or smart phone. This feature eliminates the need for major software purchases or large capital equipment investments such as expensive servers, email security and updated desktop equipment.

The technology delivered by KiCV and KiJobGrowth, will enable EDOs to do more with less, provide a richer set of support services for the business community and assure their growth and success.

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    The mission of Innovation Coast is to grow, sustain and showcase the successful, vibrant community of technology companies and professionals in the Greater Pensacola Bay Area. Innovation Coast is a business community serving entrepreneurial garage start-ups, established leaders, and everyone in between.

    The City of Pensacola, Office of Sustainability engaged KiJobGrowth to support their outreach strategy for small business and sustainable green energy projects