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Economic Development Solutions to Grow Jobs


Economic development organizations (EDOs) need a comprehensive set of tools in order to provide meaningful, measurable value for their communities. Now, there are new software applications built specifically for economic development.

With KiJobGrowth, economic development professionals can organize, monitor and manage their entire recruitment, business development, retention processes and projects, and much more, with one easy-to-use web-based application.

Accessible anywhere, KiJobGrowth instantly tracks and reports activities, user productivity, expenses, and progress of initiatives. It manages site and building inventory and then promotes them on-line. It enables you to collect and store business intelligence, and track and produce reports on what is important.

KiJobGrowth provides alerts on opportunities, potential problems or issues that help team members easily determine how they impact each other, eliminates silos, and enables teams to create actionable solutions for individual companies, an industry, an event outcome, or an individual strategic initiative.

KiJobGrowth's software suite is the most strategic technology application of its kind specifically designed to manage your job growth assets. It will enable you to:

  • Recruit new companies with lead sourcing
  • Retain, grow and support existing companies
  • Build new business referrals and increase loyalty
  • Monitor and improve company metrics
  • Help existing companies grow and improve market share and profits

KiJobGrowth is a web-based ‘Software-as-a-Service’ or ‘SaaS’ application delivered via the internet. The applications run on our servers and we manage all aspects of the application, including performance, security, and maintenance.

We will load your current contacts, member company list, non-member companies from tax rolls, your company recruiting candidates and we will cross reference our KiSourcing database of site selectors and over 21 million companies, to populate KiJobGrowth so that you have fully functional tools on day one.