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Technology Based EDO's Solutions

The KiJobGrowth solution provides EDOs the technology, business intelligence, infrastructure and business development tools needed to support emerging companies and recruit new companies.

Currently there is no comprehensive, commercial software package specifically designed to address all the challenges of economic development. As a stop gap measure, EDOs are implementing and customizing generic customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

CRMs were designed primarily for managing sales teams and sales forecasting, not economic development, company recruiting or business expansion. Nor do they address the EDOs’ need for business intelligence and metrics to support their marketing and project management requirements.

Customizing a horizontal CRM for a specific industry vertical, such as economic development, can cost anywhere from 5 – 10 times the original investment. In addition, generic sales management platforms do not provide the project data confidentiality and controlled, secure data sharing required by EDOs and their client companies. The outcomes are often expensive customized software implementations that will never be cost effective. Not to mention the ongoing hardware maintenance, third party software customization, consulting, “work around” development, and future maintenance and upgrading costs.